Previously a foe of mine, neon is one of the hottest summer trends for everything ranging from clothing to lipstick shades. After Coachella, however, I was thoroughly convinced it looks amazing, but on tanned skin, which is a problem because San Francisco is foggy and I’m adamantly opposed to fake tanning. Since I’m still naturally tanned, I’m ridding the neon wave until my tan fades out, hoping summer arrives early here.

With pale skin, I’m not so sure it works. For example, the girl in the collage with the yellow lipstick looks like she was chewing on white out! I think pale skin looks stunning with red lips though. What do you guys think?

Neon make-up is also a trend. Look a this wildly amazing eyes from Sephora’s Summer trends.

Check out this exquisite palette from Sephora.

Get the look with this products.