Celebrities have been wearing this ruffled trend everywhere and in any style, from a angular, statuesque little black dress to a bright colored, springy dress, peplums are in full flare this season. Peplums with their fit-then-flare silhouette were omnipresent in the Fall 2012 runway as well. The peplum look not only gives an outfit a stylized silhouette, but it also comes in a myriad of shapes, making it a versatile piece, appropriate for many occasions. The modernized peplum was fused with everyday pieces like, jackets, dresses, and blouses to accomplish a chic and fashionable look.

From an structured peplum top, which perfectly paires with a pencil skirt for work …

To a timeless navy peplum dress from Alice and Olivia, which can be easily transformed from professional at work to flirty at night with the addition of some fun accessories.

To a neon, flirty summery dress like this Asos Double Peplum Dress.

To Moschino Cheap & Chic’s Tuxedo Jacket,which can transform you into vampiresque, all–around bad-ass.

To an ever glamourous hollywood golden diva dress from Moschino

Whether you chose to go for the professional or edgy look, peplums will give you a sophisticated air during every occasion. Which look will you choose? I know which one I will not choose, Sarah Jessica Parker’s utterly outrageous peplum…

Finish the summer  look with a sun-kissed look with Sephora’s make-up.

Structured peplum top from Modcloth: $37.99, bit.ly/wmD6fM

Navy peplum dress from Alice and Olivia: $297,  bit.ly/MLn0Lq

Asos Double Peplum Dress: $104.37, bit.ly/JmB9eS

Moschino Cheap & Chic’s Tuxedo Jacket:  $1,050, bit.ly/KEBay9

golden diva dress from Moschino: moschinoboutique.com