Ever now and again we are confronted with a culinary conundrum. What to do with too many lemons? To let them be or to let them bake? Ok, enough with lemon poetry and here is what happened. I went to Costco and got large quantities ingredients to make several dozens of these cute little goat cheese berry tartlets.  I needed the lemons to make the zest bows for the pastries, which also meant I needed only a few. After two days of baking the tartlets for an art show, I was left with too many lemons and not enough baking momentum to make say a lemon cake. But I came up with a better idea: to get all my baking frustations out by squeezing large amounts of lemons! In case you were wondering, yes I did feel relieved.


  • (Hella) lemons


Squeeze the lemons. If you have one of those lemon squeezers that is great too, but using a tea strainer and a fork works just fine!

Repeat the process until you have collected all the lemon juice.

Once you have collected all the juice, use a tablespoon to spoon out the lemon juice into an ice tray.

The main point is that you know how many tablespoons each lemon juice ice cube has, so you can use the ice to have fresh lemon juice available all the time. For example, I used the lemon ice cube for this tilapia recipe. You can even just add a few cubes to a glas of water and have instant, fresh lemonade!  That way you can STOP buying that gnarly fake lemon juice!